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MYSYBARITAS Your Spanish Gourmet Store in Kuala Lumpur: Sea salt flakes "Albea Blanca" Part 1

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Queridos Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are MYSYBARITAS your Spanish Gourmet Food Store in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Today I want to talk to you about our First Class sea salt. Our extraordinary salt flakes are thin and crispy and they are shaped like pyramid. They are produced following a traditional recipe.

They are produce in Alicante, east coast of Spain on the sea shore and in an eco- friendly environment, created naturally as a result of the saline activity of the wetlands.

Mediterranean sea salt is harvested from the water of the Mediterranean sea. the water is accumulated in pools and allowed to evaporate in the sun.. During the drying process , any foreign objects and organisms found in the water are filtered from the liquid to ensure its purity.

As soon as the moisture is gone, what is left is the salt from the water.

Once cleaned of impurities the salt is selected by experts and is colored and aromatized with different flavors. The mixture is heated it carefully so that it does not lose nutrients and is left to dry, until the salt crystallizes naturally.

Combining millenary tradition with a permanent innovation in technology, by the use of state of the art machinery and unpolluted sanitary facilities, the entire Process it’s slow and handmade.

The recipe to get the texture is unique to this producer, making these sea salt flakes collection a really exceptional gourmet product

Why eat sea salt ?

Well, the sea water contains in solution a great variety of elements and chemical compounds call mineral salts, the proportions are different in each Sea. We should all be consuming salt in health doses.

Why consume Mediterranean sea salt?

Well, in fact the Mediterranean sea acts as a natural salt pool. The water from the Atlantic ocean flows in and out through the strait of Gibraltar. This helps the salinization process of the sea which has been flooded and dried up to about 50 times during the last 100,000 years. this phenomenon would explain cyclic salt deposits and the significant impact on the biology and the climate of the entire Mediterranean basin.

Another factor is that, with the rains over the years, A specific components of the rocks on the earth are where dragged into the sea. In addition, other substances come from the wind, wave movements, and currents. All of these combine makes our Mediterranean sea salt flakes a really unique product.

Albea Blanca sea salt is obtained by natural processes, only some flavors are included in small doses which provide hints of color and aroma. Therefore by including these type of sea salt in our daily diet we balance and nourish our body with essential minerals.

Next on the series: Properties and benefits

Be first Class!

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