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MYSYBARITAS: The story behind the name

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Queridos Ladies ang Gentlemen!!

We are MYSYBARITAS your Spanish Gourmet Food Store in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

In our first Post we would like to introduce you a bit on how we came to have this name.

This takes us to the very beginning, when MYSYBARITAS was just an idea, a dream, back in in the fall of the time we were two couples, four very good friends focusing our minds in the development of an idea. The name is the combination of two words:

MY: Since we are based in Malaysia, our beloved second home, this is to show our respect for this country, that has embraced us.

SYBARITAS: From the Latin plural of Sybarita, a person who loves unique things, pleasure and luxury, just like us! This word comes from Sybaris, an Ancient Greek city, noted for its wealth and luxury.

Usually when we are asked about the name, the first thing people would ask, is how to pronounce it: "is it maysaybairaitas" we are often asked.

We pronounce it "maɪsɪbəˈrɪtas"

Funny thing, not long ago we were called the "Baristas", we had a laugh!

So you may hear that too ;)

Be First Class!

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