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MYSYBARITAS Your Spanish Gourmet Store in Kuala Lumpur: Cold Cuts "Señorio de Montanera" Part 1

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Queridos Ladies and Gentelmen,

We are MYSYBARITAS your Spanish Gourmet Food Store in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Today I would like to introduce you to our Cold Cuts Favorite brand: Señorío de Montanera.

We choose Señorío, because the world best Jamon comes from Extremadura, Spain. And they have been dedicating themselves to the breed and elaboration of the best acorn-fed pure Iberian hams for generations.

A piece of history on Señorío de Montanera

The main objective of Señorío de Montanera is to produce the highest quality products from purebred acorn fattened Iberian pigs.

The society started in 1992 and nowadays it is formed by sixty four cattle partners with hoisted meadows of oaks and cork oaks in Extremadura, Andalucia and Portuguese Alentejo. They are among a select few breeders who own both pure Iberian stock and land with oak forests and hilly pastures (the “Dehesa” of Southern Spain). The “Dehesa” is where our animals run free through the autumn and winter months and fatten naturally.

This way, Señorío de Montanera elaborates solely hams, shoulder-hams, backs and inlays of pure Iberian pig of acorn, products selected, controlled and guaranteed by most prestigious of the existing Denominations of Origin: the D.O. “Meadow of Extremadura”

Señorío de Montanera has the base of its facilities located in Salvaleón (Badajoz) which is the zone of the Iberian Peninsula with greater extension of oaks. The slaughterhouse, room of quartering, dryers are located in this privileged place, in excavated natural rock warehouses that allow the elaboration and maturation of their products, placing it as the company of greater volume of manufacture of hams, shoulder-hams and inlays of acorn in Extremadura.

To these facilities those of Badajoz are added, where the storage, classification and expedition of products are performed, in addition to the administrative center of the company.

100% Pure Iberian Pig & the Meadow:

The “cerdo ibérico” (pure Iberian pig) refers to unique and native race of pigs that have populated the Iberian Peninsula throughout history. A privileged race of the Spanish livestock and genetically unique, the quality of the cured meat from these animals is exquisite and sought after by the most discerning and demanding customers.

The pure Iberian pig is a medium size animal which has pigmented skin with variations of color from black to intense red or retinto and with little hair (entrepelado) or absent (lampiño). It has the back, grupa, and muscular ham.

Spanish connoisseurs know that the Iberian pig stands apart from all other animals. Below the muscular ham, their legs are fine, thin and end with a black hoof, sometimes, with streaks of white. In Spain, the finest hams are identified by the “pata negra”, the “black foot”.

The Iberian pig is an integral part of the pastures and oak forests of the Spanish southwest. And the fine cured meats are the product of human artistry and natural goodness. The meadow, the last Mediterranean natural forest, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Iberian landscape. In it our Iberian pigs grow up and get fat, surrounded by centennial trees, oaks and cork oaks, producers of acorn and surrounded in rockrose aromas, charneca, mastic tree, juniper, white rock rose and rosemary and on an endlessmosaic of pastures that shows all the shades of green in autumn and winter and appears multicolor in spring or filled with ochers, yellows and browns in summer.

In the meaows, during the montanera, the pigs look for the acorns eagerly, as it is their main food.

Next on the series Identification and parts of the leg

I hope you enjoy the article!

Be First Class!

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