Arotz Food Co. has the world’s biggest natural growing truffles plantation with 600 hectares planted in between 150,000 Holm Oaks trees and pine trees, at 1117 meters of altitude in Soria. A province on the north-east of central Spain, seated on the banks of Duero River and between two mountainous systems on the north and the east sides, where winters are very cold by Spanish standards with almost 90 frost days and summer are dry and warm.


Fresh truffles are hand-picked from ground every December using especially trained dogs and pigs to nd them. Collected truffles are brushed to clean their surface and check their color, maturity and quality. These two extraordinary truffle varieties, Tuber Melaanosporum (black truffle) and Tuber Magnatum (white truffle) amongst more than 70 known species, enclose an unequaled scent, greatlt valued on high cuisine, which is perfectly replicated infused in carefully selected Spanish olive oil, of velvety texture, gold color and plain aroma and flavor, to highlight the truffle's aroma.

Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil -Arotz (200ml)