Hand Carved Pure Iberian Acorn-fed Ham is the Best among Ham. Now freshly hand sliced for perfect taste.


Hand sliced is undoubtedly one of the great secrets of the world of ham, and when you to try it you'll know it's true! You  can notice the difference when Spanish ham has been cut by hand, it melts in your mouth, and the flavors are drawn out and intense.


Iberian ham is made from 100% Iberian pigs reared in their own meadows and fed with acorns during the montanera season.


Produced following traditional methods during a long process of salting, drying and curing that lasts more than 3 years.


of particular note are the marbled fat and succulent lard. The high levels of oleic acid contributed by the acorn during the montanera season ensure its succulence and palatability, excellent aroma, and intense exquisite flavour.

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Ham Hand Carved Acorn-fed Pure Iberian (70g)

    1. Iberico Jamon should be eaten at room temperature, kindly take it out of hte fridge 2-3h before eating.
    2. Iberico Ham is delicious on itself, with our Bread Spikes Picos (or any other bread), or with his Iberico friends, Chorizo, Salchichon, Morcilla...
    3. If you do not finish your packet, put it in a plastic container and keep it refrigerated until the next time. It will last severeal weeks this way.