Luscious 100% Iberian assortment of Iberian Hams and Bread Spikes, including Ham, Loin, Chorizo, and Salchichon.


We defend the purity of the Iberian Breed that is unique in the world.


This platter includes:


Iberian Ham fodder-fed (25g).

Loin Lomo Iberian 100% Acorn-fed (25g).

Chorizo Iberian 100% Acorn-fed (25g).

Sausage Salchichon Iberian 100% Acorn-fed (25g).

Bread Spikes Picos 1xpacket (200g)


The perfect combination for our assortment of Iberian Hams is our Bread Sticks Picos, included in the package!



This package is perfect for a little taste of Spain at your home.


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