Vinegar is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It has a very versatile avor and it is the ideal accompaniment for legumes. Commonly use in many Spanish dishes as well as many other countries adn culture.


The vinegar is aged in a vinegar cellar nestled in the historic quarter of El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, of typical 18th century wine cellar architecture. It’s bottled in Cádiz province a region seated on chalky soils ooded by lagoons and salt marshes millions of years ago, which once dried let sediments and fossils deposited. Accumulating moisture and many hours of sunlight, this area has become the most important wine region of the south of Spain, distinctive in the world and vertainly the best of warm weather in Europe, where climate conditions favor the develop- ment of the acetic ora, essntial for the production of Sherry vinegars.

Organic Balsamic Sherry Vinegar - Albea Blanca (250ml)