The Señorío de Montanera Organic acorn-fed Iberian chorizo is made with a 100% natural recipe, without preservatives or artificial additives. Coming from 100% Iberian acorn pigs raised pastures certified as ecological farms, whose protection is essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and the environment.


The acorn-fed Iberian organic chorizo stands out for its marbled appearance, with darker shades and almagres due to the absence of nitrites in its preparation. It does not have any type of binder or artificial additive, which motivates a delicate and fleshy texture that melts in the mouth. Its aroma is warm and enveloping and in its marked flavor the nuances of paprika and garlic stand out, characteristic flavors of traditional Extremadura slaughters.


Señorío de Montanera organic sausages do not contain preservatives or artificial additives, and are labeled with the organic food seal of the European Union.

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Organic Chorizo Velita Pure Iberian (250g app)