The extra virgin olive oil used as basis on this exclusive organic EVOO collection, is made up of a blend of two olive varieties: the aromatic Alfafarenca and the sweet Arbequina. This extraordinary oil is produced by a family run business on the East Coast of Spain, in Sierra de Benejama, in the province of Alicante, where olive oil, citric and wild spices are an intrinsic part of the landscape, culture, gastronomy and lifestyle of locals, who work on the cultivation of fruits, like olives among many others, promoting sustainable farming, with the commitment to safeguard the ecosystem, and to di use knowledge and innovation in organic farming.


Tasting note

Green fruity hints of pear, banana skin, tender almond and ripe tomatoes, and herbal aromas of tomato plant. Dense and tasty, with great between bitterness and pungency, with a remarkable fresh condiment taste and aroma.

Organic EVOO Lemon - Albea Blanca (100ml)