The Señorío de Montanera Iberian sausage is made with lean ham and shoulder cutlets, and other leaner extras carefully chosen from organic 100% Iberian acorn pigs. The care and protection of an ecological livestock, based on 100% natural resources helps preserve the environment with sustainable resources.

Its elaboration is 100% natural, without additives or artificial preservatives; which entails a much more exhaustive and artisanal care than traditional Iberian ones.

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When cut, the Iberian sausage has a very deep purple-red color, dotted with reddish white. In the mouth it has a fleshy and smooth texture, the result of the mixture of ham and shoulder cut. Its flavor fills the palate with nuances, with glimpses of the natural spices used in its elaboration, among which black pepper and nutmeg stand out.


Señorío de Montanera organic sausages do not contain preservatives or artificial additives, and are labeled with the organic food seal of the European Union.

Organic Salchichón Velita Pure Iberian (250g app)