Extraordinary salt flakes, thin and crunchy, in pyramid shaped crystals, produce in Alicante, east coast of Spain. A beautiful Mediterranean sea-shore natural park. Once cleaned of impurities, the salt water selected by experts in the saline stays natural or is colored and aromatized with diferent aromas and flavors.

Albea Blanca’s salt is obtained by a natural process and does not go through any chemical process that alters its intrinsic composition. Only in some flavors are included small doses of components that are not harmful to health, which provide hints of color and aroma. Therefore, by including this type of sea salt in our daily diet, we balance and nourish our body with essential minerals.


COMPONENTS: Provides essential minerals. ​

USES: It goes really well with meats and fishes. 

              It tenderizes, improves juciness and adds a delicate flavour.

Sea Salt Flakes Red Wine - Albea Blanca (150g)