Velvety olive oil magnificently flavoured with Tuber Scent Magnatum (white truffle) and Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle).


Very suitable to be used as seasoning or dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to its peculiar, balanced and intense aroma.

The extra virgin olive oil used as basis on this exclusive organic EVOO Collection, is made up of a blend of two olive varieties: the aromatic Alfafarenca and the sweet Arbequina. This extraordinary oil is produced by a family-run business on the East Coast of Spain, in Sierra de Benejama, in the province of Alicante, where olive oil, citric and wild spices are an intrinsic part of the landscape, culture, gastronomy and lifestyle of locals, who work on the cultivation of fruits, like olives among many others, promoting sustainable farming, with the commitment to safeguard the ecosystem, and to diffuse knowledge and innovation in organic farming.


Since 1971 Arotz grows fresh truffles as pioneers. Being an eco-friendly company, for more than forty years they have let the nature work itself, but helping with the trees pruning and some irrigation, not applying any phytosanitary treatment, in order to make these truffles aroma and their replica unique worldwide.


These two extraordinary truffle varieties, amongst more than 70 known species, enclose an unequaled scent, greatly valued on high cuisine, which is perfectly replicated infused in carefully selected Spanish olive oil, of velvety texture, gold colour and plain aroma and flavour, to highlight the truffles aroma. ​ ​ ​

Fresh truffles are hand-picked from ground every December using especially trained dogs and pigs to find them. Collected truffles are brushed to clean their surface and check their color, maturity and quality.


The result is a unique food-condiment of infused olive oil, very suitable to be used as seasoning or dressing in sophisticated dishes, due to its peculiar, rare and exceptional intense aroma.

USES: All dishes, perfect for meats and vegetables

We Love Truffle (White+Black 200ml+200ml)


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